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Cemetery Care and Maintenance

Dear K9 Corps Family,

Our grounds service has informed the staff of Congressional Cemetery that to preserve trees on the property damaged by lawncare equipment, an herbicidal treatment must be used to rid the surrounding areas by the trunks of weeds and invasive plants. We understand this is frightening to the caregivers of our fur-members, and it is our goal to not only be as transparent as possible about the situation, but to do what we must to keep you, your fur babies, and this historic property safe.

To complete this work and allow enough time for any possibility of adverse reactions to subside, we close the cemetery to dog walkers for a two-day period. During this time the herbicide will do what it must to secure our beautiful landscape and dry completely so as not be a threat to the health of your fur babies. The affected tree bases will be covered with fresh mulch, which will be an indication to you that they have been treated. These applications are being done by professionals and only quality products will be used. We have attached information about the use of products and their possible side effects on pets to this letter. Please review it and let us know if you have any questions.

We hope to make the use of herbicides the last option for caring for our property as we move forward. It is unfortunate it is the recommendation at this time, but alas, we must press on to preserve the landscape and ensure Congressional Cemetery continues to stand as a gathering place for years to come.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the cemetery directly. We appreciate your understanding of our need to protect this historic landmark and for your cooperation with this seasonal maintenance.

The below document outlines pets and pesticide use

Yours in service,

Jackie Spainhour
Congressional Cemetery

Pets and Pesticide Use